Thank you for delivered our baby Maxwell to the world. Your dedication , Kidness , knowledge and patience have been a blessing for our family. Then now , I during Pregnant the second baby. It's call Miracle baby from GOD after I does IVF at Halim Fertility Center with Dr. Binarwan Halim,SpOG (K) FICS. We believe that you are one of the best doctors. A doctor who makes the world a better place to live in and makes the deams become true. Thank you so much for the fabulous job ...
13 Okt 2016
Moko Kusuma & Sally Wieka
02 Agt 2015
Alhamdulillah... ya Allah yang telah menganugrahkan seorang putri yang
cantik dan lucu kepada kami yang bernama USWATUN HASANAH yang sekian
lama menunggu selama 8 tahun sejak kami menikah. Terima kasih banyak
kami ucapkan kepada dr, Binarwan Halim, SpOG (K) FICS atas segala
bantuannya selama kami menjalani program di Klinik Halim Fertility
Center dan terima kasih juga kami ucapkan kepada seluruh staf Halim
Fertility Center yang telah memberi bantuan dan semangat kepada kami.
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Rosmalawati & Maimun
Banda Aceh
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